Mesh Bag for Fruits an Vegetables

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Mesh Bag for Fruits an Vegetables

The #pripravBrno ecological collection is committed to an eco-friendly approach. A mesh bag made of cotton for fruit, vegetables or lunch that allows food to breathe is therefore a must. The brand of the bag is Srneczek from Rajhrad.

Large - 35x40 cm,
Medium - 33x20 cm,
Small - 15x11 cm,
Set of Bags - 33x20 cm, 35x40 cm, 45x35 cm.

From this product 19 CZK (large), 0.02 CZK (medium), 3 CZK (small) and 43 CZK (set of bags) will be donated to support the project.

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It is part of the #pripravBrno collection, which helps Brno greenery.

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