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Ceramic Brooches with Metallic Appearance

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Porcelain brooches from the Goldfinger Porcelain Factory in Brno are treated with a special plating method to make them look like metal. They are available in six metallic colors. You can have gold or silver and four other colors (yellow, blue, green, pink) in two finishes (glossy, matte). So you have a choice of 10 different variants.

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Pink Gloss
In Stock | 4468/RUZ
Pink Matt
In Stock | 4468/RUZ2
Blue Gloss
In Stock | 4468/MOD
Blue Matt
In Stock | 4468/MOD2
Yellow Gloss
In Stock | 4468/ZLU
Yellow Matt
In Stock | 4468/ZLU2

All colors: Gold, Silver, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink.

All surface finishes: yellow, blue, green, pink in matte or glossy finish.

Code Code: 4468/RUZ
Category: Brno Christmas