Mářa's Cookbook

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What did the most performed Czech opera composer enjoy? Read about it in the cookbook by Janáček's cook Marie Stejskalová.

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Marie Stejskalová (1873-1968) worked as a housekeeper for the Janáčeks for more than forty years. Her workbook of culinary recipes has been preserved in the Leoš Janáček Archives of the Moravian Museum, mainly for various desserts and sweet dishes. This would not be so interesting in itself if the attentive Mářa, as the Janáčeks called her, did not also add notes to the recipes about the life and work of the landlord, which she called the Chronicle of Our Lives. Thus, the cookbook often contains unique information about the creation of some of Janáček's works or brief descriptions of certain events from the point of view of the housewife Mářa, but also of Janáček's wife Zdenka, who always supported Mářa. The publication contains numerous editorial notes on individual personalities and recorded situations, as well as illustrations of scenes from the life of Janáček's family as portrayed by the artist Vendula Chalánková according to Mářa's memories.

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