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Brnboniéra or Art in Brno

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Unwrap the Brnboniéra and look around with new eyes: You will see works of art scattered all over Brno. Some of them were created in the Middle Ages, others only a few months ago. Some are so well-known that their fame extends beyond the city's borders, others you have never heard of. Which ones should you look at? How do you choose them? Perhaps by what you enjoy in life, what you do for a living, or who you want to be.

Are you a nuresed by Starobrno? Or are you coming to the city for the first time? Brno has something to offer for everyone: Locals and foreigners, engineers and beer drinkers, rebels, athletes or parents with children. Life and art have many different tastes. Just like a chocolate bonbonniere. Try them all.


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Author: Silvie Šeborová.

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