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T-shirt Review

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Is Cinema Art too alternative for you, but you like it anyway (or just because of it)? Or are you, on the contrary, too alternative? Either way, you'll look great in this t-shirt and if someone asks you a question and you don't feel like answering right now, just point to the t-shirt and you are done!
This t-shirt comes from our exclusive Review collection, now also available in black color, is made from 100% organic 180g cotton.

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White S
In Stock | 1535/BIL
White M
Currently Unavailable | 1535/BIL2
White L
In Stock | 1535/BIL3
White XL
In Stock | 1535/BIL4
Black S
In Stock | 1535/CER
Black M
In Stock | 1535/CER2
Black L
Currently Unavailable | 1535/CER3
Black XL
Currently Unavailable | 1535/CER4

100% organic cotton, 180g.

Code Code: 1535/BIL
Category: Kino Art