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The Game of Brno - Board Game

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Become a dragon of the Brno real estate scene! A game of money and dizzying riches in a small city awaits you. You will embark on a journey through the various districts of Brno, but also through thousands of years of Brno history, full of great historical twists and turns, important local events, but also small disputes between quarrelsome inhabitants of the city.

The Game of Brno is for all those who have always wanted to own half of the city. For all those who long to buy Špilberk Castle and move it brick by brick to their own neighborhood. For all those who can not wait to rob their friends and relatives of their last penny and kick them in the barrel.

The complete game set contains:
- 4 parts game board
- 80 possession cards
- 400 event cards
- 280 banknotes
- 6 clue boards
- 6 colored game pieces
- 2 dice
- 1 set of rules
- 1 box

Lenght: 120+ min.

Age: 10+.

Number of players: 2-6.

Language: czech.


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Published by
TIC BRNO, p. o.
Radnická 365/2, 602 00 Brno
First edition, print run of 2 000 copies

Author: Milan Vocílka
Illustrations and artwork: Filip Hauser

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